Small Swamp Baby

$240.00 USD
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Small Swamp Baby

Stained glass panel

As this panel is made of glass you must use extreme caution while handling and hanging this piece.

Suction cups and command hooks are not recommended as they can potentially fail overtime. Please hang from a sturdy screw or cup hook.

The solder in this panel does contain lead, while it doesn't pose any immediate dangers it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

Shipping is not included in price,
Since this is a larger panel it will require custom packaging and will be double boxed which means shipping is more costly $$$
Shipping is set at a fixed price of $30 if the shipping exceeds that amount I will cover it myself if shipping is less I will issue a refund for the difference 😊

If your package arrives damaged in anyway immediately take photos upon receiving it and opening it, refunds will not be given for stained glass that is mishandled after receiving.