Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 10% off your entire order!
Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 10% off your entire order!

Rainbow honeycomb


These rainbow honeycomb suncatchers are a modern twist on a timeless design.
They capture the essence of the classic honeycomb pattern while being reimagined in vibrant rainbow colors and a fresh new style.

Crafted with attention to detail, each glass piece is carefully soldered together to create a stunning mosaic of color and texture. With its contemporary design and captivating colors this 6"x5" sun catcher makes the perfect little gift or statement piece for any room.
Gift it to yourself or a friend to bring a touch of color and light into their life.

Suction cups may be great for shower caddies, but when it comes to sun-catchers, they just don’t cut it.
Don’t let your stained glass play hide and seek with the ground! Hang it securely with a trusty cup hook or sturdy nail to ensure safety.

Image of Swamp friend panel
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Swamp friend panel
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Image of Butterfly wing sun catcher
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Butterfly wing sun catcher
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Pineapple plant stake
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