welcome to the shop!
welcome to the shop!

Lil Patchwork Strawberry

Sold out $90.00

Slightly smaller patchwork style strawberry made with handpicked vintage and discontinued red glass, absolutely one of a kind piece.

Approximately 6.5"x5"

Image of Pineapple Stake
Pineapple Stake
Image of Pineapple hanger
Pineapple hanger
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Airplant Hanger
Image of Drip airplant hanger
Drip airplant hanger
Image of Patchwork Pinkberry
Patchwork Pinkberry
Image of Classic Honeycomb
Sold out
Classic Honeycomb
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Ants for adoption
Image of Orange u glad?
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Orange u glad?
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Love Is Pain
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Love locked
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Swamp friend panel
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Butterfly wings
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