Welcome to the shop! Check out the fused glass sale!
Welcome to the shop! Check out the fused glass sale!

Love Is Pain


Love is pain.

This piece was created with the intention of it being a wall hanging, however it makes for a beautiful window piece as well.

This is not your typical stained glass, it has intricate cuts that were accomplished with the use of a ring saw and glass accents that were fused in the kiln prior to assembly.

The price for this piece is higher than your typical stained glass due to the extra time and detail that went into completing it.
This piece is approximately 10"x6"

Please use care when handling and displaying your glass art,
refunds are not given for mishandling of glass.

If your item arrived broken (it's only happened once in four years) please take pictures within a day of delivery alongside original packaging.

Image of Love locked
Love locked
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