Welcome to the shop! Check out the fused glass sale!
Welcome to the shop! Check out the fused glass sale!

Dichroic dangles


What makes dichroic glass so special is its ability to shift colors and texture depending on lighting and viewing angles.
It has a chameleon-like effect that's mesmerizing to look at.

I hand cut and fuse each individual piece of glass.
Typically these earrings are made of two layers, a base of dichroic glass and a clear topper to give a glossy polished finish.

The ear hooks are stainless steel and resistant to tarnish and discoloration.

The bails that are attached to the actual glass are made of nickel plated brass and are mildly tarnish resistant but can acquire some discoloration if exposed to moisture. If the bails do become discolored they are very easy to polish back to there original shine.

Image of Dichroic Huggers
Dichroic Huggers
Image of Dichroic glass studs
Dichroic glass studs
Image of Sunny Side Up Dangles
Sunny Side Up Dangles
Image of Inky Dichro earrings
Inky Dichro earrings
Image of Florida roll pendant
Florida roll pendant
Image of Mango pendant
Mango pendant
Image of Nug pendant
Nug pendant
Image of Strawberry pendant
Strawberry pendant
Image of Eye see you pendant
Eye see you pendant
Image of Dichro Melt Pendant
Dichro Melt Pendant
Image of Weirdo Eggies
On sale
Weirdo Eggies
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