Welcome to the shop! Check out the fused glass sale!
Welcome to the shop! Check out the fused glass sale!

Christmas pickle (dark green sparkle)

Sold out $30.00

I mean who doesn't love a pickle??

Adorn your holiday tree with a glittering pickle ornament sure to make your friends and family envious for years to come!

I made these fused glass holiday pickles just for fun. They are made wholly out of glass and fused in my kiln.

You can start a new family tradition with the Christmas pickle game or just simply hang on your tree as a funky ornament!

Happy holidays!

The Christmas Pickle Tradition-

To start a tradition that will surely last,
here’ a short story about the pickle of glass
The night before Christmas it’s hung in the tree,
while everyone’s sleeping it’s done secretly.

On Christmas morning when you arise,
the first to find it will get a surprise.
A family tradition for all to share
you’ll look for the pickle year after year.

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